SunTrust Park and the Halo Effect

In addition to the commercial developments attracted by proximity to the SunTrust Park projects, plans that aim to accommodate the changing face of the Cumberland area are already taking shape. SunTrust Park “halo effect” is effectively rewriting what is possible for the area.

Among the developments is a new 28-home subdivision which recently received the green light from Cobb County planning officials. The subdivision is will cover four acres on Cumberland Parkway, and is projected to cost up to $12 million. Construction is scheduled to start in late fall or early winter.

With all of the development underway, concerns have been raised over traffic issues that might occur around the already bustling intersection of I-75 and I-285. In response, Cobb County commissioners have agreed to hire a company to design a multi-use bridge that will span I-285, connecting the new stadium with parking facilities at the Galleria shopping center. The pedestrian bridge will be located next to SK Commercial Realty’s 900 Building on Circle 75 Parkway. Construction of the bridge is estimated to cost between $6-9 million, and will include accommodations for pedestrians and vehicles. These are just the first in a likely long list of changes the Cumberland area will see in the next few years.

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