Five Crucial Questions to Answer before Hiring Construction Management

Are you in need of construction management for your next project? How would you know? And what should know before making the call? If so, let SK Commercial Realty (SKCR) help!

Here is a rundown of the five crucial questions you need to answer satisfactorily before beginning the task of searching for a construction manager to manage your project.

What, Exactly, Is Construction Management?

Construction projects are big, complicated jobs that can quickly turn messy and costly if not carefully supervised and coordinated. Just like an orchestra needs to be led by a conductor, a construction project needs to be led by a construction manager.

It is the difference between having a quarterback behind center on a football team and not having one. Construction managers execute the gameplan and represent your interests according to your wishes.

Who Is a Construction Manager?

A construction manager – also known as a project manager, program manager, or development manager – is an experienced professional who has ideally has an extensive background in:

A good CM will understand how all pertinent pieces fit together, and how to represent a client’s interests while also overseeing the overall execution of a planned project. This person ideally can also handle multiple processes occurring at once, while paying attention to critical details that cannot go amiss.

Where Should You Look?

Most CMs have expertise locally or in a particular field. You can find local experts to oversee your projects – experts who know the lay of the land and how to accomplish a mission in your particular environment – or experts who have specific expertise in one particular field or type of project.

For example, it is not uncommon for experts who specialize in, say, building hospitals to travel for this highly-specialized work in other areas.

When Should You Hire Construction Management?

Ideally, you want to hire a construction manager before you sign any kind of lease or purchase agreement. Since the CM will be your right-hand man or woman during the project, you will want their input – and the earlier you hire them, the more value they can bring to the process.

Remember: a CM is your representative. Building that relationship sooner rather than later is best.

Why Should You Hire a CM?

Finally, the big question: why should you hire a CM?

The best reasons to hire a construction manager all lead back to three key reasons: timeliness, cost, and personnel.

Projects without professional supervision can easily run over in terms of time and cost. In other words, a good CM can hit a deadline and stay within a budget. On your own, it can be hard to hit these benchmarks because there are so many moving pieces that can overwhelm just one person who has other, more important things to worry about. You’re talking about approving invoices and pay applications, consulting with designers for changes to the plan, navigating bureaucratic paperwork, and a million other things that can bring an incredible amount of stress into your life.

One big reason why timeliness and cost are vulnerable is due to personnel. There are a lot of individuals and teams who participate in a construction job. The CM’s duty is to oversee all of them – from hiring consultants and general contractors to meeting regularly with project leaders on the site.

Instead of having to handle all of these moving pieces yourself, it is best to have a construction manager represent you.

Let SK Commercial Realty help you with everything from project consulting to construction management. Call us today at 404-252-1200.

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