Atlanta Braves Complex Finalizes Costs

The Atlanta Braves and the city of Atlanta have been working to finalize costs on what will surely be one of the biggest commercial and mix use real estate projects of the year. The Atlanta Braves will spend $452 million to finish development of their mixed use project, which will be adjacent to the new stadium, Sun Trust Park. That added cost brings the final bill to an estimated 1.124 billion.

To maintain a 2017 opening date, the Braves have agreed to advance funds to cover project related costs. Team owner, Liberty Media. As far as the real estate market goes, and economic impact, the commercial real estate project will undoubtedly create a plethora of jobs and stimulate economic growth in a relatively short period of time.

Atlanta residents and visitors entering the development from Cobb Parkway will be see a birds eye view into SunTrust Park. The development of the stadium and adjacent mixed use project will bring together various commercial and traditional real estate elements. The development will combine various architectural and structural styles with beautiful landscapes and common areas. With the mixed use development being comprised of shopping and residences, parking will be located throughout.

Large scale commercial real estate projects that have such an economic and financial impact on the city are exciting to watch from start to finish. This will definitely be one we watch closely and one that we hope stays on schedule. Go Braves!

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