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Three Questions to Ask Before Choosing Atlanta Office Space

If your business operates in the greater Atlanta metro area and needs office space, you're in luck - Atlanta is a fantastic location for commercial real estate.

However, finding that prime Atlanta office space that's right for your company isn't as easy as finding and securing the first space available.

To pick the perfect Atlanta office space, ask yourself these three crucial questions before beginning the search.

Will My Business Grow?

Businesses plan ahead for a lot of things, but surprisingly, new office space for a growing company often isn't one of them.

You never want to put your business in a position where it can't grow beyond the footprint you select, ­especially with a long lease that locks you into your initial space.

Even if you aren't currently planning to expand, you never know what the future has in store for your company a few years - or even a few months - down the line. Therefore, weighing your growth potential - and the space you'll need if you do expand - is critical.

How Will This Space Impact My Employees?

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company, and as such, your Atlanta office space should reflect that.

Keep in mind several important considerations for your employees before you choose an office space. These can include the following:

  • How far away is your new space from the majority of your workers?
  • Is the new space ADA compliant for any handicapped employees?
  • Is parking adequate, or will that be an extra cost for your people?
  • Are there amenities in or near the building that can increase the quality of life for your workers?

Thinking of your employees when choosing a space will actually help you pick a much better space for your business in general.

What Image Do I Want to Project?

Finally, your office space isn't just a place to store computers and people; it's a part of your brand.

Think about what image you want to project for your brand and business. Then, make sure your new office space reflects that image. A financial services firm should be in a building that speaks of healthy budgets and sophistication. It would be imprudent to locate such a firm in the cheapest space you can find, for example.

Think closely about what your Atlanta office space projects to your clients. You want what you see and what your client sees to match up.

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