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SK Commercial Realty

Nicole Pitts's professional journey is a testament to her adaptability and dedication. Armed with a degree in Design and Media Production Technology, specializing in Prepress and Output, Nicole began her career as a glass designer before immersing herself in the fast-paced world of aviation, based in Denver, Colorado. During her three-year tenure, she cultivated strong customer relations skills, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Transitioning into the hospitality industry, Nicole served as a Training and Development Manager for four years, where her leadership shone brightly as she trained and mentored over 100 employees across three different locations in the bustling Atlanta area. This role not only showcased her prowess in talent development but also solidified her reputation for fostering growth and excellence within diverse teams. In 2023, Nicole made a seamless transition into commercial real estate as a Property Manager, overseeing the prestigious Circle 75 Office Park, strategically positioned across from Truist Park, encompassing over 600,000 square feet of prime real estate. Beyond her professional pursuits, Nicole finds joy and rejuvenation in outdoor activities like hiking and kayaking, as well as expressing her artistic flair through mixed media creations. With her versatile skill set and unwavering commitment to excellence, Nicole continues to make significant contributions in the realm of commercial real estate.

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