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SKCR's Commitment to Client Relationships

With inflation, supply-chain delays, and numerous other challenges hampering today's development and construction market, the value of having a true and tested real estate partner is now more important than ever. The project consulting division at SK Commercial Realty has been focused on creating deep and long-lasting client connections for years as we walk with our clients through every milestone of their development plan. We pride ourselves on staying one step ahead by knowing all of the ins and outs of our clients' businesses, what they are looking for today and what they will need ten years from now and beyond. These relationships span decades and have played an integral role in SK's overall growth as a company.

One long-lasting client relationship of ours is with Skin Care Specialists, P.C. Around ten years ago, SKCR represented a tenant who leased space at the dermatology practice's medical office building located at 175 White Street in Marietta. SK Project Consulting (SKPC) managed the build-out for the tenant and developed a relationship with the landlord, Skin Cancer Specialists. Because of the value added by SKPC, when Skin Cancer Specialists purchased land across the street to move its practice to a larger space, SK Project Consulting was tapped to oversee the development of the new building. This marked the beginning of a years-long, ongoing relationship that has resulted in SK Project Consulting overseeing several projects in the Skin Cancer Specialists' pipeline as it continues to expand its presence across the region.

SK Project Consulting was right by their side throughout the entire process, working together on the development and design of the project from start to finish. The project included the development of a new, 30,000-square-foot practice which encompassed a surgery center, a lab, clinics, and office space. Next, Skin Care Specialists purchased a plot of land in Newnan and asked us to lead the way once again. Officially completed a few years ago, the Newnan practice is a 12,500-square-foot medical office building that includes a full-service clinic, procedure rooms, and lab space. We partnered with Skin Care Specialists again when overseeing development of their brand new Hiram practice, which includes 8,000 square feet of practice space with room for additional growth.

Today, we are helping Skin Care Specialists with a slightly different project from previous assignments. Their new Columbus location is currently undergoing major renovations, which includes replacing the floors, painting the walls, and more interior upgrades on the property. Through its unique and comprehensive development approach, SK's project consulting team has enabled Skin Cancer Specialists to maximize their property value and create a space they will love, all within their own budget and timeframe. We have also helped the company create new revenue streams for the future by optimizing several of its properties for additional real estate users, creating a blueprint for how other businesses can capitalize on a tailored real estate investment strategy.

These relationships, much like the partnership we have with Skin Care Specialists, will continue to be a top focus point at SK Commercial Realty for the decade ahead. For more information on our project consulting capabilities and how the SK Project Consulting team can add value for your business through our comprehensive menu of commercial real estate services, visit us here.

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