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SK Commercial Realty Property and Asset Management

You've worked hard to find the optimal property to house your business. Now, let SK Commercial Realty handle the day-to-day operations with our Property and Asset Management service. Ensure that your investment is being managed by a team who specializes in Atlanta commercial real estate, leasing, and management. We take pride in the oversight operations of owned and third-party managed properties, including tenant relations, operations, engineering, and accounting services.

Our Team

Our success in property management at SK Commercial Realty comes from an expert understanding of how to continuously increase the value of a property while providing a high quality of life for all the tenants within the building. We do everything we can to protect it as if it were our own while working hand-in-hand with our clients to determine the best management strategy, no matter how big or small the needs. Our team is built around a core structure of individuals who have had extensive experience managing properties and have gone through professional training to make sure every property is managed flawlessly.

Our Skills

Through our accounting services, we offer accounting professionals who specialize in real estate and are skilled in GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) financial statements, bank reconciliation, year-end preparation for auditors and CPA firms, cash management, and managing annual operating budgets. When it comes to costs and payments, don't let someone with little to no experience handle your business budget. Our testimonials speak for themselves:

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SK Commercial Realty has been providing effective and pertinent real estate solutions to clients throughout the Southeast since 1985. From project and tenant representation to property management and consulting, each opportunity is overseen by a senior level principal who takes pride in devoting personal attention to each task and exceeding client expectations. Contact us today for all of your property management services and more!

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