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What Matters the Most When Choosing Medical Office Space?

What matters the most when choosing Atlanta office space depends greatly on the industry. For some industries, space is a premium. For others, accessibility is the prime factor in picking a new office location.

Atlanta has a growing healthcare industry, so what matters the most when choosing medical office space?


Without a doubt, accessibility is one of the main factors behind selecting medical office space. Virtually every healthcare facility needs superb accessibility. After all, if your patients can't find you or get to you, they can't be your patient - and will likely seek medical services in a more accessible location.

Accessibility doesn't always mean being at the center of activity. It can mean locating outside of a major commercial district, as long as traveling to and from the facility is simple (the simpler, the better).

Mixed-Use Developments

Believe it or not, recent trends show that doctors and other healthcare practitioners are placing their practices in mixed-use developments instead of in standalone buildings in a medical park.

The reason is simple: it's difficult to beat mixed-use developments and office space when it comes to visibility. The better the visibility, the higher the chance a medical practice will be successful. Fortunately, there is plenty of mixed-use Atlanta office space available for healthcare organizations.

Shell Space Locations

Finally, many practitioners looking for new space tend to seek shell space versus office space with existing layouts.

Having to adapt an existing layout to your needs can be difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Shell space is fully customizable, which is why it is in high demand for the industry.

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