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Circle 75 Launches ‘Most Wired’ Status

SK Commercial Realty and Comcast Business hosted a launch event in September to showcase the newly advanced network capabilities available at Circle 75 Office Park.

Comcast has invested at least $100 million in a multi-terabit, all-fiber network for SunTrust Park and the mixed-use community around it. This impressive feat of connectivity will provide video, voice, and multi-gigabit speed Internet throughout all 60-acres of the development, including not just the ballpark, but also the retail, entertainment, hotel and residential district.

Comcast’s network is one of the nation’s most advanced to date. Two data centers will be support it, each with 10,000 fiber connections backed by dual 400 Megawatt generators to ensure system redundancy.

Circle 75 Office Park is the first in the area to provide tenants the luxury of high quality connectivity on Comcast’s revitalized network.

“We are pleased to partner with Comcast Business to bring this opportunity to our clients,” said Hugh Scott III, CEO of SK Commercial Realty. “Circle 75’s mission is to continue to provide our tenants with the best amenities and cutting-edge technology.”

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