Bright Future Projected for Atlanta Commercial Real Estate

Atlanta commercial real estate is well on its way to recovering from the Great Recession, which caused an historic drop in property values and occupancy rates and crippled the confidence business leaders have had in Atlanta’s business scene.

Now, over a month into 2014, prospects for business are looking up – and those looking for prime commercial real estate opportunities have reason to be excited.

Investor Confidence Is On the Rise

One of the best indicators of future market performance is investor confidence. This is as applicable on the streets of the Atlanta metro as it is on Wall Street, and for real estate, investor confidence is projected to increase significantly.

According to one survey from PwC, we should see a nine-point increase in overall investor confidence in Atlanta from 2013 to 2014. Confidence is crucial to continuing forward momentum that has gathered steam over the past few years in the area’s market.

Atlanta Named as a Top 30 World City

Furthermore, Atlanta itself is garnering attention from international real estate experts who have examined the world’s cities for commercial real estate investment prospects. According to one survey, Atlanta ranks as the world’s 16th-best city for investment in the world.

Cities ranking above Atlanta include New York, London, Paris and Tokyo; cities ranking below Atlanta include Miami, San Diego, Osaka, Japan, Berlin, Seattle, Phoenix and Munich.

As you can see, Atlanta is in good company and is easily the most competitive market for commercial real estate in the South.

Those interested in Atlanta commercial real estate have a wealth of opportunities available to them. The city’s prominence in this key market will only continue to grow, and all signs point to a very strong 2014 as the trend of resurgence continues.

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