Avoid the Pitfalls of Finding the Perfect New Medical Office

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking medical office space for the first time or have been through the process previously, it can be a daunting challenge. The relocation challenges can seem overwhelming as you evaluate locations, determine area demographics, compare lease rates and ultimately negotiate a final lease package.
Today’s hospital real estate executives and medical office physicians and managers seek the experts who know the ins and outs of executing the best market value.

Atlanta Hospital News turned to the specialists at SK Commercial Realty in Atlanta to gain insight on why outside expertise makes a difference.

Thomas H. Kirbo, president of SK Commercial Realty and a 20-year veteran of securing medical office property for hospitals and physicians, said, “If you are a hospital real estate executive or a physician looking for space, it pays to find an independent third party real estate broker, who can represent them without compromising vested interests.”

The Stark laws have been put in place to protect the special considerations of relationships and securing the services of a third party broker further insulates the hospitals and the physician, he added. It’s critical to have an impartial individual versus helping someone who may not admit a lot to the hospital. The third party helps keep the hospital out of the picture.

And as hospitals expand services, they need a third party broker that knows the demographics and locations to help them locate in the right community.

SK Commercial Realty specialists are knowledgeable about healthcare and understand the nuances of healthcare real estate.

Brook Thomas, chief financial officer of West Boca Medical Center in Boca Raton, utilized SK Commercial services for recruitment of physicians to the hospital’s medical office building. “We felt it was important to have an independent party familiar with the medical office space to identify different practices and lease the space so hospital would not be involved or impact our doctor relationship in any way.”

Once a physician practice makes the decision to relocate, SK Commercial Realty also has individuals who understand the needs of today’s practice and can help with the design and construction to create the most efficient practice.
Todd Cohen, President of the Project Consulting Division at SK Commercial Realty has spent more than 20 years helping physicians create spaces that provide for patient and physician needs.

“We understand the changes occurring in healthcare and can heal create a medical office space that provides the best value in a hospital clinic or traditional physician office. We know how to create a space that maximizes revenue generating services and minimizes the non-revenue generating areas,” he said.

Doctors today are worrying about reimbursements and have moved away from big offices. They require less space to do the same things they did five years ago.

The move to electronic medical records has eliminated the need for more file storage space and today’s technology has resulted in designed space that is far more efficient for generating revenue.

Dr. David Palay of Atlanta Ophthalmology Associates utilized SK Project Consulting for his new office and said, “The first day in our new office was the best day of practicing I’ve had in 20 years. The new space allowed me to see my patients faster. I spent less time walking between patients and have a nice work area that was out of the patient flow.”

It seems clear that hospital executives and physicians can benefit from utilixing the services of an independent real estate specialist.

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